Ep49: Kendra Nicole Battelo, a Missing Afro-Indigenous Woman

Ep49: Kendra Nicole Battelo, a Missing Afro-Indigenous Woman

Kendra Nicole Battelo is still MISSING
Kendra is considered one of the 5 Garfield County, Oklahoma City #coldcases still unresolved as of today. 

A woman who is last seen knocking on a stranger’s door remains missing for more than a year after she disappeared. Kendra Battelo last had contact with her mother at approximately midnight on July 7, 2022. Police in Enid, Oklahoma stated that the 24-year-old’s last movements span a few weeks; 

This is Kendras’ story…..
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Thank you Sidney M of Speak Her Truth: True Crime Files. for story suggestions, and I must say, there are so many of them!  
~ J. Castillo

  • Please contact the Enid Police Department immediately at (580) 242-7000 or text “EPDTIP” and a message to 847411. The case number is 2022-6114.   https://twitter.com/enidpolice
Kendra Nicole Battelo | Enid, OK | 07/07/2022

Estimated Age Range: 20 - 35
Height: 5' 0" - 5'7" (estimated)
Weight: Cannot Estimate
Estimated Year of Death: 2020-2022
Date Body Found: September 17th, 2022
Location: Sanger, TX 76266 (Denton County)
Circumstances: Scattered skeletal remains were found along a creek
Condition of remains: not recognizable - near or complete skeleton
Hair Color: Black
Clothing and Accessories: Blonde wig with multi-colored hairclip.

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