PODCAST TAKEOVER: Horrifying History ~The Dark Side of Disney...Pocahantas

PODCAST TAKEOVER: Horrifying History ~The Dark Side of Disney...Pocahantas


When I originally thought of telling you all about the real stories behind the Disney-fied versions of fairytales, I had no idea what you all would think.  I am happy to say that you loved hearing the original versions, as much as I loved telling them to you.  The tales behind the Disney versions are full of darkness and death.  They give us a view of the ideologies and biases of the times that they were written, but sometimes the bias is actually on Disney’s part.   

Even though Disney wants us to think that all women are delicate, but strong princesses - that is not the truth.  They want us to think that all men are valiant, but they are not.  Good and evil are not as black and white as Disney makes things out to be.  Not everyone lives happily ever after in a castle with their true loves.

Gather around my dear listeners...its time for another story.

Welcome to Episode 96 - The Dark Side of Disney - The Tales Behind the Fairytales, Part 3

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