Ep45: (Part 1) Minnesota's Missing & Murdered Black Women and Girls

Ep45: (Part 1) Minnesota's Missing & Murdered Black Women and Girls

In this episode, Jasmine Castillo discusses Minnesota's establishment of a missing and murdered African American Women Task Force, and the important role of Lakeisha Lee, and shares findings on racial discrepancies affecting violence against Black women and girls. The episode uncovers past cases, such as those of Cassandra Rhines and Tina Doreen Slaughter. Statistics reveal a glaring disparity in murder rates, with Black women being ten times more likely to be murdered than White women. The episode highlights the impact of systemic racism and harmful stereotypes, prompting a call for reforms in labor markets, housing accessibility, and resources for Black women and girls. Tune in as we dissect these issues and explore potential solutions for creating a safer, more equitable society.

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  • If you know of a missing or murdered African American woman or girl, please contact your local law enforcement agency or one of the organizations listed above. You can also call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE-LOST (1-800-843-5678).

Cassandra Rhines | Two Harbors, MN | 06/16/1985
Tina Slaughter | Minneapolis, MN | 07/11/1985
Keke Jefferson-Moore | Golden Valley, MN | 09/23/2000
Sadeya Hall | St. Paul, MN | 02/01/2017

  • [00:00:00] Introduction: Minnesota's New Task Force for Missing African American Women
  • [00:05:01] Exploring the Statistical Disparity: Higher Murder Rates of Black Women in Minnesota
  • [00:07:53] Cassandra Rhines' Case: A Call for Public Assistance in a Decades-Old Missing Person Case
  • [00:11:36] Tina Doreen Slaughter: An Unsolved Homicide Reinvigorated by New DNA Evidence
  • [00:23:31] National Crisis: Addressing the Overlooked High Homicide Rate of Black Women in the US

Here are some organizations that are working to address the issue of #MMAAWG:

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