Hands Off My Podcast ~ Trailer

Hands Off My Podcast ~ Trailer


Intro & Mission as to why I'm starting this dire need podcast. WE ARE VOICELESS NO MORE.

Jasmine Castillo 0:04
I am a voice of many, but I am not the last and I won't be until we come through the realization of our true crisis on our hands. I am speaking of my brothers and sisters of color specifically of my indigenous Asian Americans, Pacific Islander black and Latino people of culture. We are being kidnapped, murdered and lost. This true crime podcast narrows on the murdered and missing indigenous persons LGBTQ to spirits as well as my other beautiful sisters and brothers of color and their families. The families that had tried ever so wretchedly to get their voices heard across social media and news broadcasts in the endless fight to get justice in a world so unjust because of our skin color, or have their status or their creed. This podcast shines a light, it makes our voices stronger, bolder, fearless amongst this large pond of true crime. My name is Jasmine Casteel and I am a black indigenous person of color. A woman that has a deep understanding of the pain of my extended community struggling to find a voice amongst the cries of sorrow and anguish. I will have a variety of families as well as nonprofit organizations in a variety of other guests we will discuss on human trafficking the missing and murdered and the brutality against people of color. My current focus will be in the US and Canada. I hope to extend my podcast across the world to other continents have our lost loved ones we stand and we won't back down until all our sisters and brothers are home. Welcome to Hands off my podcast.

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